Shooting Jason Rouse

So yeah Jason, what can I say? I first experienced one of Jason’s shows about a year ago and it was a breath of fresh air compared to the usual mundain commercial comedy which is being churned out, not to say I dont enjoy a lot of the comedy thats around at the moment its just none of it challenges the audience. He managed to spectacularly split the audience between people who thought it was hilarious and people who wanted to kill him (he has recently had a member of his audience wish cancer on him). So yeah he is controversial but I like that, having grown up to George Carlin, Bill Hicks and Doug Stanhope. Jason is also aesthetically quiet intimidating, choosing to wear white gold grills with fangs attached at all times, and dress kinda like an LA gangsta meets an angry death metal fan. I also watched a show of his on Saturday where he ended the show with a room of silence refusing to leave the stage if people clapped as he said it no longer was a comedy night more of a hostage situation, this left a very very awkward room as he exited through the crowd with people watching him making sure they would not become his victim. So yeah the opportunity came up to photograph him and I thought HELL YEAH so I met up with him and we wandered the streets of Brighton for a bit with no real plan of action and this is what we came up:








Thanks to Jason for putting up with me, and being a good sport and I will see you soon.

Take care


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