My Photographic Hero’s

So who do I respect in the photographic world? This is a hard one as there are soooooo many people to chose from but it seems the ones that I keep going back to are the ones who have very little to do with the photography I do today:

The First is James Nachtwey

I cannot stress how much respect I have for this man, his work his ethics and the way in which he performs under such severe conditions just astounds me. Everytime I feel stressed at a wedding or an event or shooting a protest I think back to how calm and collected he is. He introduced me to the super powers a camera can give you making you invincible to your surroundings and made me get closer to my subjects and confront challenges. This talk by him is inspiring and a must watch for everyone photographer or not:

link if video does not play:


Second is Gregory Crewdson

I used to hate his name at University as people would always refer to him whatever they were shooting, but I love his vision and over the top production of every photo.

Chase Jarvis

Not for his photography as such but his enthusiasm and his incredible ability to Network and get his name out there, an inspiration to modern photographers just starting out:

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