I first discovered about a year ago and thought it was a bit too good to be true, so i thought what the hell I will order one pack of their business cards. Being immensely picky about what image to have on my card and always changing my mind I loved the fact you can have a different image on each card. This also means that you can trailer which cards to hand out to which clients.

The cards themselves are incredibly well made, thick card and can take a beating in someones wallet. The cards are printed both sides to the same high quality printing and the color matching to photos is phenomenal (something other company’s fail at) So yeah this is just a blog post to praise them and raise awareness of an affordable company that seems to know how to market themselves and conduct themselves in the modern market. The cards always get a good reaction from clients, and I even let them pick which image they want, whether it be a sewer or a building.

my latest batch of cards have different images on the front and I am trying out black on the back with white writing:


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