Nikon Fake their adverts??

It pains me to show you this as I am an avid Nikon fan but nothing annoys me as much as sloppy work by advertising companies, I hope someone gets fired over this:

OK watch this:

Nikons new “I am Nikon” advert:

Now watch the original:

Notice anything? well how about the fact that the camera in the original is blatently silver and not a Nikon???!!!! cant be sure but it looks like a canon.

check here:

so yeah Nikon I love your cameras but you fail at advertising.



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14 Responses to Nikon Fake their adverts??

  1. Snazy says:

    Well said mate, totally agree that for an image company, that is shameful and shocking!

  2. Jasper says:

    It’s definitely not a Canon, I think it might actually be a Pentax, the off-centre lens within the barrel is quite distinctively to them.

  3. dhl says:

    Thats awful anything to save money just glad it backfired,Thanks for showing it.

  4. yaz says:

    cause pro’s use canons.

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  6. chris says:

    I heard that those skin products don’t really stop the ageing process!
    Advertising isn’t really about reality.

  7. Dion says:

    The offcenter lens isn’t exclusive to Pentax… Nikon has a couple models… like

  8. Is it me who can’t really see what a big deal it is?

    Yes, I know Nikon should perhaps have supplied a camera for the occasion, but is it any more or less of a fail than photoshopping out a spot on a models face or removing a telepgraph pole from a Wedding Photo etc?

  9. ELK says:

    Also if you pause the video on 0:49s when he just gets the camera into his hands and compare to this It’s not a Nikon Coolpix S700, S500, L15, because non of them have that small black circle at left top. Yes, it’s definitely Pentax Optio S4.

  10. Dion says:

    As he moves the camera you will see different things because of shadow and the way the light reflects off the front and the flash. I’m sticking with S700. That small black circle at left top, seen only for an instant, is the shadow from his finger. that circle disappears has he moves the camera. The black circle at the top right and the lens configuration and the flash are consistent with the S700 (and some other cameras as well). I would imagine that while they were screening the commercial, some said, “hey, that looks like my Pentax”, and so to avoid confusion they photoshopped the newer Nikon over it. But I just imagined that. I wouldn’t give ad wonks credit for being so bright on purpose. 😉

    Anyone ask Robbie Williams about it?

  11. daveygti says:

    Yeah Id agree with ELK, defo pentax….its exactly the same as one i had….till the screen got pecked out….by a heron… africa, but I digress. Its a shame really, Im an avid Nikon user too but thats just makes them look a bit lame.

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