A shot full of emotion and sadness

I took this shot while out shooting some street stuff today, something I have not done for a while. Something about the whole scene grabbed me and so i snapped this shot, once I had taken the photo I walked on, but as I walked past the man I realised he was having trouble so I went up and spoke to him, he asked whether I could escort him across the road as he was nervous about crossing alone, which I did. The shot gives me mixed feelings when looking at it as I know what is going through his head when I am taking this and the look on his face is one of fear and confusion.

I hope you like the image, let me know your thoughts:




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3 Responses to A shot full of emotion and sadness

  1. Rob Troubadour says:

    I LOL’d…But then I read…And went ‘Awww…’ along with Tamsyn!

  2. Ithink it’s a wonderful image Nick, that’s the thing about being an outside observer of your work, not being connected to the emotion behind taking it and just seeing it, stand alone, without a context. But also the story behind it adds to the image i think. i dunno. i like it though and it speaks volumes.

  3. Jondoe says:

    When we too reach that road let’s hope that some spirit of caring and concern endures, enough that there will be someone willing to assist us.

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