The Perfect day bag/ Wedding bag?

OK so I have lugged around a lot of different bags from rucksacks to courier style bags while shooting on location but the one that has stood out head and shoulders above the rest was a real shock to me. I was after a bag that I could just hold lenses and Speedlights in as well as cards etc… and came accross the :

Tamrac Adventure Messenger 4

I found this bag on offer in Park Cameras and was immediatly drawn to it, perfect size and layout and some interesting functions which are not listed.

I got mine in grey but here it is in red:



OK and here is the kit I have fit into the bag at the same time it before:

Sigma 70-200mm 2.8
Sigma 24-70mm
Sigma 20-40mm
Nikkor 50mm
NIkon D700 with Grip
SD-9 battery pack for SB-900
Memory card case
Spare batteries

OK this sounds impossible but is however very much possible and here is how:

all lenses in main compartment with 50mm under 20-40mm with 70-200mm in the middle. D700 with grip attatched in the front pocket, along with SB-900. SD-9 in lid zip pocket and batteries in the same pocket. Card case in the end phone pocket.

This is basically my walkaround everyday kit when shooting most jobs, although sometimes I replace the 20-40mm with a backup body.

Now why is this bag so useful for me? Firstly its discreet, one I got it the Tamrac logo was immediately removed leaving the bag looking just like a day bag. The lid can also be left open and secured under the bag which means access to lenses is fast and can be done with minimal fuss. The bag is thin which when working in cramped environments is ideal such as weddings etc…

Now here is the other hugely useful trick that this bag has. The front pocket fits an Ipad perfectly!!!! so I can now carry a camera body (minus grip) 70-200mm and 24-70mm plus Ipad and speedlight wherever I go.

I Highly reccomend this bag to any and every photographer.

Thanks Nick

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One Response to The Perfect day bag/ Wedding bag?

  1. Hazel Walsh says:

    Thanks Nick,

    As a female I like something a little more lovely looking! Really fancied one of these:
    but absolutely no where to put anything other than your camera!

    I have a very nice red Kipling bag which looks just like a handbag has a handle on the top and an adjustable shoulder strap. But inside it has adjustable padding and can easily fit my DSLR and a spare lens if required. It also has a front velcro pouch which fits my keys and wallet and even a side pouch for my phone. I really like this bag as it enables me to take my SLR everywhere whilst still matching what im wearing and avoiding the need to take a camera bag as well as a handbag!

    I cant find the exact bag on their website but its very similar to this one :
    minus the backpack straps and bizarre monkey keyring!

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