A little bit about me…..

As a photographer I aim to create unique pieces of work which influence discussions and reactions from the viewer. My main body of personal work concentrates on the ‘Unseen’, from the inside of an animals head to hidden spaces throughout the world including Sewers and derelict buildings.

I also specialise in Architectural photography and take pride in working to a high standard with no compromise on quality. Coming from a background passion in Architecture this has led me to approach each space that I photograph differently drawing on the original design and lines of the buildings to produce images that compliment the designs.

My passion for photography was developed late but my love for the medium has helped me to make up the lost time. I have worked hard to refine a style that is both distinguishable and aesthetically pleasing to an audience. I have had my work used in numerous publications and by various companies varying from Opera’s to magazines. I also work within the commercial market photographing both product as well as architectural images for a variety of clients.

I have a BA Hons degree in Photography and now work freelance as a photographer around the south of England.I am constantly on the look out for new challenges and subjects to photograph and am not afraid of getting dirty or suffering in order to get ‘that shot’. I am currently looking for new commissions, if you wish to contact me please fill out the form in the contact section of the site. or email direct :


Nicholas Adams


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