Print for Sale

I have a single print I am selling this week as its left over from an exhibition let me know if your interested via email nickadams at

Lustre Digital C Type Print
1016 x 490 mm
Mounted on 3mm Foamex

this is the print:


This is Edition 1 of 3 and is priced at £225 including delivery but may accept an offer.



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I have some work being shown in this group exhibition with the ArtsFORUM which is part of the Brighton Photofringe.

Time and Dates

29th September – 8th October
Private View October 2nd, 5-8pm


Brighton Media Centre Gallery
15-17 Middle Street, Brighton, BN1 1AL

Link to map:

View Map

As part of the 2010 Photo Fringe Festival, the ArtsFORUM is pleased to present ‘THE ArtsFORUM PRESENTS’ a celebration of current photographic practice by local photographers, and past ArtsFORUM presenters, Peter Gates, Moira Blackwell, Richard Rowland, Nick Adams, Evangelia Voutsaki, Abi Sidebotham, Karoki Lewis, James Reid, Christopher King, Vanessa Jones and Beatrice Haverich.

This exhibition is to celebrate the variety of work by previous ArtsFORUM presenters, curated to emphasise their strength, skill and style. The exhibited images have been carefully selected to stimulate appreciation for the artist’s work and collectively to represent the diverse expressions and achievements of the current visual art scene in Brighton.

Since March 2009 Vanessa Jones and Beatrice Haverich have been running monthly ArtsFORUM sessions at the Brighton Media Centre Gallery, enabling lens-based artists to present an unfinished project to a public audience.

The ArtsFORUM nurtures ‘art in progress’ through offering a platform for peer feedback and networking. Feedback on work has proven critical to many of us involved in the arts and for many it is through the process of articulating the profundity of a project that leads to the unravelling of the complexity of ideas.


Some links to more information:

The ArtsFORUM Presents website
ArtsFORUM Facebook Group
ArtsFORUM Presents Facebook Event Page
ArtsFORUM Blog

Hope to see you all there 🙂


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The Perfect day bag/ Wedding bag?

OK so I have lugged around a lot of different bags from rucksacks to courier style bags while shooting on location but the one that has stood out head and shoulders above the rest was a real shock to me. I was after a bag that I could just hold lenses and Speedlights in as well as cards etc… and came accross the :

Tamrac Adventure Messenger 4

I found this bag on offer in Park Cameras and was immediatly drawn to it, perfect size and layout and some interesting functions which are not listed.

I got mine in grey but here it is in red:



OK and here is the kit I have fit into the bag at the same time it before:

Sigma 70-200mm 2.8
Sigma 24-70mm
Sigma 20-40mm
Nikkor 50mm
NIkon D700 with Grip
SD-9 battery pack for SB-900
Memory card case
Spare batteries

OK this sounds impossible but is however very much possible and here is how:

all lenses in main compartment with 50mm under 20-40mm with 70-200mm in the middle. D700 with grip attatched in the front pocket, along with SB-900. SD-9 in lid zip pocket and batteries in the same pocket. Card case in the end phone pocket.

This is basically my walkaround everyday kit when shooting most jobs, although sometimes I replace the 20-40mm with a backup body.

Now why is this bag so useful for me? Firstly its discreet, one I got it the Tamrac logo was immediately removed leaving the bag looking just like a day bag. The lid can also be left open and secured under the bag which means access to lenses is fast and can be done with minimal fuss. The bag is thin which when working in cramped environments is ideal such as weddings etc…

Now here is the other hugely useful trick that this bag has. The front pocket fits an Ipad perfectly!!!! so I can now carry a camera body (minus grip) 70-200mm and 24-70mm plus Ipad and speedlight wherever I go.

I Highly reccomend this bag to any and every photographer.

Thanks Nick

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Illumini Event/Exhibition!!!!


I will be exhibiting some photographs from an ongoing series photographing the Sewers and Drains under our Cities in the UK. There will also be a large amount of other artist varying in styles and media. I shall be there on the evening of the 9th, please feel free to come up and say hi.

The details for the exhibition are as follows; I have also attatched a flyer:

Illumini Event/ Exhibition


The Basement Shoreditch Town Hall, 380 Old Street, London, EC1V 9LT

9th Sept 2010 – 15th Sept Open daily 11am-7pm Free

Thursday 9th September 6pm – 10pm Free
Everyone welcome, please arrive early to avoid disappointment

By tube or rail: Old Street (Exit 3 ) 6 mins walk, Liverpool Street 12mins walk

By Bus: Routes 26, 35, 47, 48, 55, 67, 78, 135, 149, 242 and 243 stop nearby.

For a map click HERE
Hope to see some of you there!!!


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A shot full of emotion and sadness

I took this shot while out shooting some street stuff today, something I have not done for a while. Something about the whole scene grabbed me and so i snapped this shot, once I had taken the photo I walked on, but as I walked past the man I realised he was having trouble so I went up and spoke to him, he asked whether I could escort him across the road as he was nervous about crossing alone, which I did. The shot gives me mixed feelings when looking at it as I know what is going through his head when I am taking this and the look on his face is one of fear and confusion.

I hope you like the image, let me know your thoughts:




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My week without my DSLR

So I decided the night before going on holiday that I would leave all my camera gear at home and taken nothing but my new iphone4. As a working photographer this is something many people think is strange, but sometimes you get fed up with using big gear to take images, and want to challenge yourself.

Now this was a challenge as I was going to Cornwall and would be staying in the beautiful. Town of Falmouth. It was strange for the first few days adjusting to the fixed focal length (zoom function is digital and therefore terrible ) but yeah the iphone is a worthy camera and incredibly responsive.

All results are taken using the iPhone 4 and edited using apps on the iPhone only.

our private beach area:


a boat trip:


Panoramic from Eden Project:

Incredible contrast between sky and plants :


Close up shot of insect:


and another:



Truro Cathedral:


Finally my friend the Peacock



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Nikon Fake their adverts??

It pains me to show you this as I am an avid Nikon fan but nothing annoys me as much as sloppy work by advertising companies, I hope someone gets fired over this:

OK watch this:

Nikons new “I am Nikon” advert:

Now watch the original:

Notice anything? well how about the fact that the camera in the original is blatently silver and not a Nikon???!!!! cant be sure but it looks like a canon.

check here:

so yeah Nikon I love your cameras but you fail at advertising.



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